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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 25, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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as you step out the door, heavy rain making for soggy conditions on the roads. melissa is tracking problems that could slow your commute. but first let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with the impact this rain will have on your morning plans. >> be prepared for a wet morning. when you step out the door, you will have a few sprinkles. you may run into a moderate shower. we have scattered moderate showers across maryland and the district. in general, most of this is tracking north and northeast and pulling away. but we have the scattered, moderate to heavy downpours from culpepper, faulkier, fairfax, loudoun, potomac, montgomery, frederick, howard now getting moderate showers and central anne arundel. that is what is happening this morning. it's a cool morning. you need a light jacket. 50s in much of the region.
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students waiting for buses this morning going to need a jacket and that umbrella throughout the morning waiting for school pwutsz for this morning's commute. for drivers, wet roads all throughout the morning commute. fender-bender weather. temperatures in the 60s. for the afternoon commute, a small chance of drizzle. just cloudy. temperatures only into the upper 60s. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s, a look at when this rain will be ending. that's hour by hour in 10 minutes. melissa is looking at the rain conditions early on this thursday. >> couldn't he just end it now? wouldn't that be nice for you, me, everyone. bw parkway at 410-east-west highway, two lanes blocked. no major issues except for this. running 29 miles per hour trying to get by the crash.
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270 at shady grove road, you can see the rain drops. 95 at cherry hill road also looking pretty good up in maryland. and 66 headed into town, no major problems. i'm back in 10 minutes with more on these wet roadways. >> melissa, thank you. developing right now. we want to show you a new mug shot in the disappearance of that university of virginia student. jesse matthew is behind bars right now in galveston, texas. detectives from charlottesville will head there to interrogate him about hannah graham's whereabouts and bring him back to virginia to face abduction charges. it is a huge shift in this investigation. >> matthew was the last person seen with hannah graham. finding him could lead investigators to her. police believe matthew started making his way to texas saturday y speaking with him. he drove his sister's light blue nissan police described on the wanted poster.
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a 911 caller said there was a suspicious man in a tent on the beach. police ran the tags and discovered the man was wanted. he did not resist arrest when he was taken into custody. >> the hero today is an employee, a deputy with the galveston county sheriff's office. so we would like to, on behalf of the fbi, thank them for their very effective police work today. >> the focus remains on finding graham. there is a new missing poster of her. the reward for finding her just jumped to $100,000. >> news spread fast and raised the hopes of those gathered at a vigil for hannah graham. ♪ >> an outpouring of emotion at west potomac high school last night. hannah graham graduated in 2014. former teachers, friends, found
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comfort in stories about her strength. >> hope that she's okay, hope that she'll be found, and hope for her family. hannah, we love you so much. please come home. >> hannah's parents have found great comfort in the show of support from the community. stay with news 4 for up to the minute updates on the graham case. find all the latest information on nbcwash. i'm richard jordan at the live desk. london police arrest nine men in connection to terrorism charges. the men are between 22 and 51 years old. as a result of these arrests, police are looking at 20 different locations throughout london. these are homes and businesses where they believe some criminal activity may have been going on. now, this is not a public safety issue. but police say it is part of a larger investigation into islamic terrorism. that's the the latest from the live desk.
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thank you, richard. it is 5:05. overnight air strikes in syria left 19 militants and 5 civilians dead. the u.s.-led coalition carried out its third straight attacks on isis. this is new video we are getting of those air strikes. isis oil refineries were the targets of this latest round of assaults. the u.s. military says those refineries generate $2 million a day for the terrorist state. . today we should learn more about why a police officer shot a teenager pack in may. the commonwealth attorney will release findings on a virginia state police investigation. he said he shot the teen after he was lunged at with a knife. plans for a memorial are moving ahead today. it was voted 8-2 to use the current architect design for t
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the design will now be presented to a d.c. planning agency. it has been plagued by delays because of disagreements over the the design. yesterday the me of the commission resigned after 13 years. . chances are you have seen this stunning video. now we are learning the fallout this morning for the officer caught on camera hitting a woman o side of the road. take a live look now when this heavy rain will finally let up and the impact they are having on your travel times. avoiding a painful mistake. a new information may have you making a phone call instead of makinga remote that livesad of on your phone.
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some texters are more likely to develop tendinitis. you mostly use your thumbs. i use my finger. i have to admit that. abnormal thickening can cause joint pain as you age. and thicker tendons were found in the more dominant hand. in news 4 for your health, exercising may be good for your body but not so much for your
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smile. german dentists studied the teeth of 70 adults and found athletes have more tooth decay and cavities. the more you exercise the mortar tar you produce. sports drink didn't have any effect on your teeth. >> i can hear the doctors. there doesn't mean you should exercise. i don't like going to the dentist. i might as well just sit it up. >> you shower, brush your teeth too. get the whole nine yards in there. >> you learn something new every day. >> that's true. that's how we roll here. look at this live picture of wet roadways coming into the district this morning. we'll get you up to speed on the forecast. tom kierein with your weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. >> good morning. have an umbrella with you. road spray on the windshield if you're driving this morning. everything is wet from the overnight showers. we don't have any flooding. watch out for ponding of water
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in areas of poor drainage. the general trend is all of this light to moderate tracking to the north. most of it should be over by noon time. showers dissipating. remaining cloudy into the afternoon. overall everything will be gradually drying out as we get into the evening hours. total amounts of rain, just less than half an inch much of northern virginia. maybe one inch or more on the eastern shore by the time this is all over by later this afternoon. coming up next, weather and traffic on the 1s. we'll take a look at the forecast for fedex field don tonight. melissa, how are the roads? >> looking pretty good. we have some metro delays. green/yellow both ways we have delays at this point this morning. pretty good overall. main problem is bw parkway
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southbound. let's take a closer look at that at east-west highway. two lanes blocked from an earlier crash. beltway at new hampshire is looking good. beltway at st. barnabas, same thing. i'm back in 10 minutes. 5:21. chances are you have accidentally left something behind after dropping off a rental car. i bet you didn't do this, though. what left one man behind parse. if you struggle to get on the of bed
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5:15 is your time right now. we are tracking rain moving through our area. a look at the radar right now. the farthest east you are the more rain you are seeing. and of course all this rain is going to make the morning commute a little soggy. megan mcgrath is out on the
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roads in prince george's county. megan, how does it look where you are? >> reporter: well, we are now traveling south on pennsylvania avenue, route 4 in prince georges's county, marlboro. it was pretty heavy at times. as you look at the radio surface it is very, very wet. so we are experiencing wet conditions, slick conditions on the roadway. keep that in mind. keep your speeds down. watch out for ponding and apology of water. we are seeing a bit of that as well. back to you in the steweo. 16 after the hour right now. tensions in ferguson, missouri. stores vandalized earlier this week. three people arrested a as they voiced their outrage towards the police department.
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federal investigators are meeting with citizens. >> i was handcuffed, push up against the car. i gave my i.d. cooperated with everything. they treated me like crap. treated me like crap. >> i want to be hopeful, but are they really going to do anything? i doubt it. >> the national urban league, along with several other civil rights lear, will meet to discuss the michael brown shooting. he was the unarmed black man shot and killed back in august. the trial for the accused boston marathon bomber will not be coming to washington. there is no reason to believe tsarnaev cannot get a fair trial in massachusetts. defense attorneys wanted the trial moved to washington claiming an impatient jury cannot be found in boston. trial will begin january 5th. tsarnaev is accused of working with his brother to detonate two
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palms at the finish line of the marathon in april 2013. . an american serving prison time in north korea is describing his prison life. authorities allowed matthew miller to call home yesterday. he told his father he is working eight hours a day, mostly in the the it did, and is being kept in isolation. georgetown university pride board plans to talk student assault on m street two weeks ago. he was walking at 1:30 in the morning with two students. a man came up and made a remark about his perceived sexual orientation. the meeting is at 7:00 p.m. today a woman is expected in court to face charges in the murder of her own mother in spotsylvania county. she is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. her mother nancy was found dead
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in her home may 18th. she was a nurse at washington medical center. another woman, christina brown, is also charged in the case. the woman punched repeatedly by a california highway patrol officer settled her lawsuit. you may remember this video punching her on the side of the highway back in ju. that officer settle -- rather, the woman settled with the chp for $1.5 million. as part of the settlement, officer andrew must resign from the california highway patrol. the wildfire situation in california went from bad to worse. at least 10 major fires are burning. and the biggest of them near sacramento just tripled in size. king fire stretched into nevada, chewing through everything in its path. the wildfire looks like a volcano in places, spewing toxic spoke. this expanded thousands of acres
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every day. flames are only 40% contained. lubbock, texas is drowning in heavy rain waters. cars are submerged in water. freeways are closed because the water level is so high. water rescues were needed for motorists whose vehicles became stuck. >> wow. >> crazy weather for sure. >> flood warnings, watches up around here have been cammed. we are still seeing ponding on the roads. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein as we look outside. so no flooding? really? it's a lot of rain. >> it has been under a quarter inches. quite a bit less. that watch has been canceled. you're right, april, i did run into ponding on the ramps where the areas of poor drainage are. the heaviest rain, as i was
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saying yesterday, would be east of us. that is happening. most of the rains in the yellows and oranges. we have one pocket of moderate rain from mcclain, through fair taxity in burk. this is all tracking north and northeast. elsewhere, just light to moderate showers coming on through. and for the big game tonight at fedex field, giants taking on washington at 8:25. that's the kickoff. by then, just cloudy and cool. in the low 60s. only a small chance of a sprinkle or drizzle during the game. there will be a very light wind. only around 5 to 10 miles per hour. it's a cool morning. you need a light jack et. temperatures in the 50s to 60s. hour by hour through the day. we will hover hitting upper 60s during the afternoon. might have lingering drizzle around noon time. just cloudy. upper 60s.
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a slight chance of a sprinkle during the afternoon. and tomorrow partly cloudy and warmer. up near 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. quite a change from this cool and damp day today. for the weekend, weekend plans, think about going to the beach. it will be in the low 80s on saturday and sunday. morning lows, near 60. seven-day outlook as we get into next week, still fairly wild. afternoon highs at 80. morning lows in the 60s. might get showers on tuesday. that would be the next chance of rain after today. next weather and traffic at 1s at 5:31. your bus stop forecast. now a look at the roads with melissa. >> brand-new crash on 95 northbound in dumfries. be careful because of the wet roads around town. no issues except this situation. 295, bw parkway at east-west
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highway. two right lanes blocked because of an earlier crash. 270 on the montrose is moving along. you can see the wet pavement. another warning just to be careful. 66 into and out of town, no problems there. we just heard green and yellow line no longer single tracking between green belt and pg plaza. the delays continue for you this morning. roads going to be a little bit slow. metro silver line is striking gold with riders. less than two months after opening the line is at 60% of its projected ridership for the first full year of service. 15,000 riders are entering the system from the silver line. it is well on its way of hitting a projected goal of 25,000 riders a day after one year. metro may soon be head indeed a new direction. the head of the agency is stepping down. richard sarles will be resigning in january. he worked through fare hikes,
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extensive delays and breakdowns. but he said things are better than when he start. he turns 70 next year. he would he's ready to salesperson more time with his family. rental car workers find all sorts of things we leave behind. some workers were pretty shocked when they found 139 pounds of marijuana. >> how much? >> 139 pounds. left it in his car. it was returned earlier this week. police say they didn't have to do much work to find the drug smuggler. they waited at the albuquerque airport and the guy came back to get the drugs. >> of course he did. >> he was arrested on drug smuggling charges. >> i can't even wrap my head around 139 pounds of marijuana he left in a rental car? no. . if you struggle to get out of bed, here's the idea for you. have a stranger wake you up. wait a minute. before we go too far, there is
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an app that can help you with that. it's called the waky. set your alarm at 4:26 to watch news 4 today. then at 4:26 another waky member will give you a call. a complete stranger. each call lasts 60 seconds before being cut off. there's no awkward good-bye. no, you hang up. no, you hang up. >> that will wake you up. the voice on the other end, what are you wearing? >> i don't want a stranger on the phone with me in the early hours. >> this was made for people who hate that eh, eh, sort of noise. we have our news 4 wakeup. our voices. if you would rather have aaron -- >> still scary, all right. . keeping your child safe in the car. the new tool to help make sure your car seat is the right fit.
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a rapidly spreading virus turning up in our area. where the latest cases are showing up and the symptoms you should be watching for. grab your umbrellas. the rain continues to fall. your child's bus stop forecast with weather and traffic on the 1s the at 5:31. you can watch news 4 on the go with your smartphone or tablet. download the app from the app store and start stre
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right now at 5:30, we are keeping a close eye on two big stories. first, an arrest in the disappearance of a missing uva student. overnight police released this mug shot on of jesse matthew. he was arrested 1,300 miles away in galveston, texas for the abduction of hannah graham. right now charlottesville police are on their way to galveston to interrogate matthew. their main question, where is hannah? >> the other big story we're watching is the weather. you're waking up to a rainy, nasty morning. storm team 4 radar on the right is what looks like right now if you head out -- tell you that, we'll show you what it looks like on the roads too. tom kierein is here to tell you
5:30 am
how long the rain will stick around. it's dark and wet. showers coming through the last couple of hours. not enough for flooding. we have reports of ponding on some of the areas of poor drainage watch out for that. storm team 4 showing moderate area of rain around fairfax county and south near burk and across the prince william county line. the northern part of montgomery near urbana. just as the west of damascus there's one month rat shower. elsewhere, light rain. most of it tracking to the north. gradually diminishing. waiting for the bus you will need a jacket and umbrella. showers between now and about 8:00 this morning. then, getting on the bus between 8:00 and 9:00, still a few lingering showers. still quite cool with temperatures in the low 6 0s. coming up next, weather and traffic on the 1s.
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a look at the hour-by-hour changes and the general drying trend the rest of the day. now, we have some reports of uponing of water. melissa is talking about that. where is that? >> standing water in the district. anacostia freeway northbound after benning. it is passable but nasty. thank you, kelly. she drove by that this morning. taking a look in virginia. northbound very slow as you come through dumfries. that is blocking the right lane. wider look at things, moving right along. no major problems. 66, if you're getting in the centreville area med into town we are a little bit slow and then it opens back up and you're fine this morning. 270 at democracy boulevard, you can see all the water on the screen here. it's going to be the situation. >> melissa, thank you. it is 5:32.
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we are following the latest development out of syria this morning. overnight air strikes in the eastern part of the country left 19 people dead. today president obama is wrapping up three days of meetings at the united nations. nbc tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on the president's international push to take down isis. tracie, good morning >> reporter: hey, eun, good morning. trying to get more countries behind him in this fight. the president today is focusing on ebola. the leadership he talked about yesterday. the headlines are very much focused on terror. in his speech he called this a network of death. something an american president has only done once before. they came up with a resolution to stop foreign file theers from crossing and cracking down on their passports. he is waiting to see if in fact, of khorasan leader was killed.
5:33 am
the pentagon thinks so but yet to be able to confirm that. and the u.s. is giving $40 million to syria's opposition. secretary kerry announced at the united nations yesterday that money to give them vehicles and equipment and help them set up a new government in syria. eun? tracie potts live on capitol hill. tracie, thank you. we will hear a shift at the united nations in new york. in a few hours, president obama will address world leaders about the ebola out break. they aim to mobilize a wider response to contain the epidemic. u.s. secretary-general ban ki-moon will hold a meeting later this morning. president obama is scheduled to meet at 11:00. new numbers on the ebola outbreak. world health organization estimates 6,200 people have the virus. that number is up from 5,800. another 2,900 have died from the disease. a new warning about a
5:34 am
rapidly spreading virus here. there is a confirmed case of the enterovirus is maryland. officials would not say exactly the children is in the hospital being treated for the virus. it causes breathing problems, wheezing, sometimes a rash. symptoms can first appear to be a cold. last week the first cases of the virus were confirm canned in va is va. there are now 220 cases in 32 states and the district of columbia. the redskins are back in the action tonight for a showdown with the giants. the team is trying to bounce ayck from a tough loss this there are a lot of questions heading into tonight's game. >>reporter: good morning. it is four things time. four things you need to know before the redskins host the giants tonight on thursday n
5:35 am
number one, kirk cousins. is this his first short week as a starter, yes, it is. he's a big preparation guy. how will three days of practice impact his performance? number two a short week for jay gruden. and it couldn't come at a worse time with 17 players on th injury report. we're going to see if he is able to fill the holes. number three, one of the backups being thrust into the spotli the rookie corner will place of deangelo hall. is he ready to cover the the lights of victor cruz? skins coaches say they have a lot of confidence in him. finally, special teams or what is currently known as the not so special teams. in both loss this is season, this unit has been called th game changer and not in a good way. so there are a number of questions to be answered tonight. it starts at news 4 at 4:00. hope to see you then. metro open an hour late.
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it will help silver lane 12:11. the last blue line at 12:24. morgan boulevard, the the last train leaves at 12:14. the last blue line leaves at 12:32. you'll be able to make transfers at certain stations. controversial traffic stop. the potential punishment for a state trooper after dashcam shows him opening fire on a man. the new tool that may help you make sure your child is using the seat right. watching the roads for some trouble spots. here's a live look. potential problems you can encounter on your way to work and with when that rain will finally let up. weather and traffic
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welcome back. if you're traveling out of reagan national airport, save time for dinner. maybe a little shopping too. several big name stores and restaurants are co el centro df. and kapnos taverna and cava grill. >> i'm very happy about those. >> and bracket room sportsbar. this is the third wave of new stores at the airports. national highway administration is helping you keep your kids safe inside the
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car. they launch the car seat finder tool. it helps you find the right car or booster seat for your child based on their age and size. so many take their children out of car seats or graduate them to boosters before they are big enough and tall enough. it's not just the age. because you could have a smaller child. >> if you say so. >> i want to get you caught up on weather and traffic on the 1s with tom kierein. >> be prepared for a wet commute. have an umbrella. going to be walking, driving. have those wipers on. you will be dealing with road spray. we still have scattered showers but not a lot of flooding. ponding of water. watch out for that. one moderate shower in western fairfax county tracking to the north. temperatures are cool. we're just in the 50s to near 60
5:41 am
degrees. we will stay this way another couple of hours. maybe a few lingering sprinkles by noon time. during the afternoon, a smaller chance of sprinkles as temperatures get into the upper 60s. a look at the forecast for the nationals doubleheader. that's coming in 10 minutes. now melissa is looking at road conditions. what's happening? 95 northbound through dumfries. that is an earlier crash. real slowdowns there. otherwise, no major problems. keep our fingers crossed with the way this is looking. a couple of travel times. 66 eastbound. fairfax capital beltway, 16 minutes. 95 north, quantity coabout 10 minutes behind. and maryland, the beltway to 32, 13 minutes. of course these delays very likely because of the wet weather. i'm back in 10 minutes >> see you then. melissa, thank you. painful mistake. why an effort to clean up a local high school locker room
5:42 am
backfired landing several athletes in the hospital. plus, frustration building with your phone. the steps apple is taking to make sure the
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get out. get out of the car! get on the ground! get on the ground! >> that was dashcam video. the trooper who shot the man is now facing up to 20 years in prison. the trooper says he stopped the man because he didn't have his seat belt on. he said he thought the victim was diving for a gun but he was going for his license. a family friend says he's just glad that justice the was served
5:46 am
quickly. >> they didn't waste a lot of time because of the public stewing and brewing over this situation. >> now, defense attorneys argue that the video can be interpreted differently. that officer was fire shortly after the traffic stop. today we should learn more about what led police to shoot a percival teen in may. the percival officer says he shot the teen after he was lunged at with a knife. police say the teen was suicidal. he was a student at allowoun valley high school in leesburg. we are learning surveillance helped police make an arrest in the unsolve murders in alexandria. according to the "washington post", surveillance caught a redford here her home when she was murdered. that matches the car severance was driving at the time.
5:47 am
severance is charged in the murder of ladado, kirby and dunning. a man is facing charges for murdering a woman with four young children. conyers was found 10 days ago in her d.c. apartment. two of her children were inside the apartment at the time. yesterday detectives arrested raheem jones in northeast. police not saying whether the two knew each other >> a heroin problem in virginia. heroin-related deaths in northern virginia do in-year time period. he's asking for a study on documenting the problem to help curb the spike in deaths. the number of deat actually be higher because hospitals aren't required to report overdoses to po the federal deposit wants to hear your opinion about where the new fbi headquarters should go. general services administration held the first of four hearings yesterday at one of those proposed sites in green belt.
5:48 am
in addition to green belt site, landover and springfield, virginia are also being considered. the next is october 2nd in landover. terry mcaulif on campaign fe reform. the announcement comes less than a month after bob mcdonnell and his wife were convicted on corruption charges. bill bowling and former representative boucher will head the commission. state officials say they are not going to get as much tax revenue as they first thought. they have lowered projected by $400 million. they are blaming a sluggish economy for the shortfall. they say there is no need for budget cuts. they say if job growth did not pick up, it may be needed. putting politics aside and
5:49 am
putting the physical health of voters first. hundreds expected to handy a huge community health fair in the district. good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. insist the central union mission. in just a short while at 7:00, this room will be filled with people. 200 people. 250 to 300 expected to come. we're talking about family, seniors, members of the homeless community, the under employed, the unemployed inside this room to eat a healthy room. inside that gray door, folks are cooking away. and they have been for a while to feed the folks. but the big component of today's event is health and pushing good health. so the folks who will come down today will get screening for hiv/aids, high blood pressure. even dentistry to check folks's
5:50 am
teeth. and brand-new kids's coats. they're awesome. two per family getting the coats. this is all part of the cbc week. they have been doing this for nine years now. this year they pick the central union mission. back to you. >> thank you. >> great effort there. the nats and mets are hoping for better weather today. the two teams will play a day/night doubleheader today. fans who were supposed to go last night can come to the 1:05. if you can't go, you can exchange for tickets to a game next year. the second game is 7:05. separate admission is needed. it is going to be another busy day tomorrow when the nats have to play another doubleheader with the marlins. the nats will need every single player. >> you can never have too much
5:51 am
nats. >> that's right. especially this time of the year. >> no problem, right? >> how about these games, tom, the weather? >> it is certainly looking dicey now. but the good news is the trend is slowly drying. they can play even if there are sprinkles, drizzle. they will probably play through that. that may be the case at the beginning of the game. but first let's look at what's happening right now. we have some showers coming through overnight. and another enough to cause flooding. but there is ponding of water, areas of poor drainage. these pockets of yellow in fairfax county. and from manassas, southern faulkier. washington, prince george's, it's mostly just light rain right now. this is all tracking off to the north and gradually pulling away, leaving just a tenth of an inch to half an insure in
5:52 am
northern california and around washington. and up to one to two inches on the eastern shore. now for the nats game, the first game at 1:00, first pitch 1:05. there might be a few sprinkles in the mid-60s. generally cloughy for the rest of the game during the afternoon. in the 60s. just a small chance of sprinkle or drizzle. have a ponch cho with you. here's a look at the night game. 7:05 first pitch. cloudy my-60s. remaining cool the rest of the game. a small chance for tonight's game. temperatures are cool. need a light jacket, just hovering near 60 degrees. most of the region now. there's the drippy sky over northwest washington. live view. we'll stay in the 60s through the the whole day. then again, just possible drizzle during the afternoon much of the region. in the mid-60s. cloudy in the afternoon. a big change tomorrow. up near 80 in the afternoon. a touch of summer for the
5:53 am
weekend. saturday and sunday, 80s. beautiful for outdoor fun. melissa looking at deteriorating conditions on the road. >> it is nastiy. we know a crash in stafford, virginia. 95 northbound, you are very, very slow. 18 miles per hour. just as you are getting to dale city for once not so terrible. 66 med into town, a bit slow. you're running 40 miles per hour. anacostia northbound after benning, standing water possible. but it is kind of nasty. wider look at things here. no major issues. slow because of this wet weather. 270, old hundred road, you can see how wet the roadway is. nothing falling up in montgomery, frederick. it is a wet road. that is what can be obviously very dangerous in the morning for all of us commuters.
5:54 am
lots of volume. remember to follow us at >> ato:first4 traffic. bring your umbrella. i forgot mine. >> your hair looks great. >> i know. >> thank you, melissa. 5:54. a thief in arlington targeting air backs inside your car. it could cost a lot of money to replace . at least seven cars have been broken into this week along south 6th street near fort myer. insurance experts said it could cost $1,000 to replace the air bags. they can go for $200 on the blacrk if you plan to bike to metro, they say it is safer to leave your bike at one of its stations than it was this time last y metro transit police say there has been a 30% drop in bike theft the first half of 2013. crooks would use bolt cutters to take bikes right off the rack.
5:55 am
metro is now offering bike lockers and recommend you use u locks on the front and back the bikes. you are going to want to keep an eye on your bank account if you have eaten at jimmy johns lately. it is the latest on a data breach. cash systems at 216 locations have been compromised. online orders were not affected. it's not clear how many have been impacted. jimmy john's is offering free credit monitoring if you think you have been a victim of the breach. five minutes before the hour now. if you had problems with the latest apple software update, you are not alone. the company is scrambling to fix ios 8. mary thompson with the latest. mary, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. wednesday proved to be a tough day for apple. after a series of snafus led the
5:56 am
iphone maker to retract its nully released ios update. it rendered certain phones unusable. they had problems with cell service. bluetooth connectivity was also an issue. they said it bent a little too easily under pressure because of the aluminum case that surrounds it. facebook is taking to the skies with a new aircraft program. more details about its plans to use drones or planes to provide free wi-fi to two-thirds of the world's population that currently lack access. the planes will be roughly the size of 737 air planes but much, much lighter and be solar powered. they hope to test one out in the u.s. by 2015 and have them sending out wi-fi signals in the next three to five years. back to you. >> very interesting.
5:57 am
high school football players will be signed this friday night. and they have their equipment to blame. 15 players for springpraopl high school in silver spring reported burns or rashes during practice last week. coaches ordered them sprayed down after thinking one of t students had a staph i the chemicals were so strong it was only supposed to be used on >> heartbreak to go the see my child in the hospital on his 16th birthday crying out in pain as his wounds were being cl >> this student here spent three days in the hospital after his burns became infected. doctors told him he would ha to sit detectives have released this new mug shot in connection with the uva student's disappea
5:58 am
the two directions hannah the two directions hannah graham's case will take today.
5:59 am
in cases of rape and incest, just the two directions hannah graham's case will take today. like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade.o does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know. i'm john foust and i approve this messge. right now at 6:00, we are staying on top of a developing story. the man wanted in the abduction of a uva student is in jail right now. the new hope police have that
6:00 am
they will find hannah graham. if you're about to the head out, get ready for a rainy ride to work. the rain isn't done yet. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking it rye now. right now it is heaviest to the west and southwest of the metro area. but we have had enough rain overnight for all the area roadways to be wet. where the rain has ended, the roads remain wet. we are still getting light rain in washington. moderate showers continuing to follow west-southwest. fairfax city to burk and brings william west of manassas. washington, northern prince george's, montgomery county, just light rain. it is drizzle and sprinkles. that is enough for you, yes, to have the up brem la and wear a jacket. it is only 60 degrees. expect wet


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